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Why Own a Tacomasa Taqueria franchise?

Owning a Tacomasa Taqueria
franchise provides you with experienced guidance, robust training, and a franchise approach that places owners first.


Proudly become part of the Encinal Brands family 
of franchises; a key player in the parent brand’s future.


We have an insistence on quality to help give every guest an extraordinary experience.


Have access to our franchise portal that assists our owners in building their business the right way.

Streamlined Operations

Take advantage of Streamlined Operations to reduce overhead, and keep operations running efficiently and smoothly.

Vendor NEtwork

Gain access to our vendor network built for our specific needs, and geared to provide our owners with the best available product; at the lowest cost.

Taking Tacos to the next level

The QSR Mexican Restaurant Industry is Growing Fast

Tacomasa Taqueria is in an industry that’s seen consistent growth, and which is poised for additional expansion in the years to come.

It’s a business with a market size of $55 billion, one that employs 
more than 1.1 million people per year.

The QSR Mexican food industry is big business, and we’re excited for what the future holds for us.

Owning a Tacomasa Taqueria Franchise is a smart business move.

QSR restaurants as a whole have had decades of steady growth, and are 
projected to continue that development for at least the next five years. That trend reflects growth within the Mexican restaurant industry, which has a presence in all 50 states and serves guests across the country in 
more than 50,000 restaurants. QSR Mexican restaurants in particular 
have seen growth in the past, and are expected to accelerate that expansion in the future.

Total Annual Sales in the U.S. Foodservice Industry:

Annual Sales


Mexican Restaurant Industry Market-Size Increase Over the Last Ten Years:

Market-Size Increase


Expected CAGR for the Mexican Food Market Over the Next Five Years:

Expected CAGR


TacoMasa Taqueria

Franchise Investment and Revenue Potential

At Tacomasa Taqueria, we aim to give our owners what they need to satisfy their customers and grow the brand, and we’ve created a financial structure to help them in their journey.


We offer catering services to help create additional revenue streams.

Reduced Overhead

Our restaurants only require a small physical footprint which helps reduce overhead costs.


Featuring a menu custom built to create daily regulars in your restaurant.


Easy Start Build-outs & Cross-brand investments to help you create a better future.

Refer to our FDD for investment specifics and more information on revenue projections.

Single Unit Investment Range: $231,000 – $536,500

Become Part of our Growth in the Southwestern U.S.

The future is bright for Tacomasa Taqueria’s expansion, and the next few years will see us establish QSR Mexican restaurant franchises across the Southwestern United States.

California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas present prime opportunities for new franchisees and will be our focus in the years to come.

Steps to owning your own Tacomasa Taqueria

STEP 1: Complete the Form

Submit your baseline information to verify that you meet Encinal Brand’s initial requirements.

STEP 2: Introduction Call

Sit down with us as we answer initial questions and talk about qualifications needed.

Step 3: Exploratory CalL

Learn about financing options, available franchise territories, and everything else you need to know.

STEP 4: Complete Franchise Application

Once completed, we will send you the FDD, and introduce you to our lending contacts.

Step 5: Schedule FDD review

Speak with the Vice President of Operations to ask questions about the FDD, Real Estate, Territories and more.

Discovery Day:

Visit our home office, multiple locations, and meet with our Founder, Ivan Flores.

Step 7: Franchise Agreements

Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.

STep 8: Become an owner

Dive into our brand, and aggressively start the site selection, training, and on-boarding process!

An Authentic Mexican Franchise Opportunity

A business model designed for growth and a menu that highlights simplicity and quality give 
Tacomasa Taqueria owners the tools for brand development.

Free Industry Outlook

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